The 5 elements of Ayurveda



                    is the element of space or ‘emptiness’. It is the mixing bowl for the four elements. The mouth and ears are particularly associated with ether, however, all empty spaces in the body are in some ways connected to it: body cavities / space, throat / expression; ears / hearing, joints / flexibility; thyroid gland / metabolism, ultrasonic core /meditation. Quality of the voice is open, resonant, free flowing.

Questions to ask: Do you experience space and freedom in your life? Does your throat every tighten or feel blocked when you want to express yourself? Have you experienced any significant losses in your life?



             is one of the vital elements of life and is something that runs through each of us. It is present in our nerves (mental activity / thoughts) and respiratory system. Air represents lightness, motion, breath and oxygen. It can either cause hyperactivity when it is in excess, or fatigue when it is deficient. The imbalance of air can also affect joint health, digestive system and the heart.

Q: Do you move/think quickly, do you ever slow down? Do you think a lot? Do you feel grounded? Do you have needs/desires that you feel are not met? Do you get impatient a lot?



               is a powerful element, closely related to ether which provides the space for it to burn, and air which provides the fuel. This element is one which is closely linked to the mind, expressing itself in obsessions, thoughts and emotions. Fire is also in the eyes and the body’s heat. When the element of fire is deficient it can result in feeling cold, digestive issues, skin problems and inflammation. Conversely, when fire is in excess you may have issues with overheating, frequent urination and sweating.

Q: Do you take quick and direct actions to get the things you want? Are you enthusiastic? Can you get angry or do you hold back and then explode? How is your appetite/digestion? Are you motivated?



                        As humans we are made up predominately of water. The element of water is closely related to the blood, respiratory system, the joints, nerves, stomach, the tongue and saliva. When it is out of balance it can result in obesity, stomach and digestive issues when in excess, or alternatively weight loss, dry eyes, dry skin and reproductive issues when it is deficient.


Q: How are your relationships? Do you ever get overwhelmed by your feelings? Do you get attached to people and have difficulty letting go? Are you able to go with the flow? How do you feel about yourself sexually?



                      expresses itself in the form of our sense of smell, teeth, bones and nails, in other words in our body structure. When earth is inharmonious it can result in a weak body, a sense of insecurity, lack of muscle and a tendency to feel the cold more easily.


Q: Are you organised and structured? Are you patient with yourself and others? Do you feel save and secure? Are you fearful? Are you able to establish secure boundaries with people? Do you handle your finances well? Do you experience lower back, neck or knee problems? Have you got any colon problems?