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  • is wellness to our mind

  • is a self-improving method that trains our awareness

  • helps us to observe our thoughts without judgement

  • enables us to shift our perspectives to a healthy and positive outlook

Why meditate:

  • increases resilience

  • increases focused attention

  • increases heart-brain coherence

  • enhances pain tolerance

  • enhances immunity

Ways of meditating:

  • sitting up straight, lying down, standing, walking

  • try it, you might like it

  • find ways that suit you best

I would like to support people in learning to meditate whether on a one to one level or in small groups. If interested, please contact me.


  • where you place your attention, there you place your energy

  • where your attention goes, energy flows

  • Conscious growth only comes through whole-hearted attention to an ideal or objective

  • if you cannot go outside, go inside (of yourself)

  • be, feel and perceive


  • awareness precedes attention, precedes thought

  • awareness is living in the here and now

  • be an observer

  • observe and notice your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your habits

  • “As we think, so we are”


  • Do you accept who you are, where you are, what you are, the way you are?

  • Do you accept your body, your mind and soul?

  • practise being non-judgemental about yourself and others

  • self-acceptance, self- love & appreciation are similar frequencies


Different breathing techniques are effective help to self-help.
Breathing in deeply and slowly have many benefits. It is calming, creates coherence between mind and body, reduces anxiety and the best medicine for panic attacks. Learning to control anxiety can be truly life transforming. Some of the key benefits are:

•    Stress hormones decrease
•    Energy level increases
•    Stronger, more satisfying relationships

•    Decrease negative thinking and thoughts of worst-case scenarios
•    Overall improvement of life quality

Sound healing

Hearing, listening and making sounds and music, are integral parts of healthy living, functioning, and development. Sound is an integral part of reducing stress and restoring the body to balance. Sound healing, when integrated with mindfulness and breathing practices, is the quickest and most effective way to achieve relaxation. There are virtually no medical conditions, states of imbalance, or individuals that cannot benefit from relaxation. Likewise, there is no one that can manage stress, pain or tension without sound.

When in pain, we scream or moan, to restore balance. When sad we cry, and when happy, we laugh. Imagine touching a hot iron and not making a sound. Without the release of sound the body would tighten and go further out of balance. Sound is necessary in restoring the body to a balanced state and that is why today we are rediscovering the sound healing procedures of past cultures.

For the full article by John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. and David Perez-Martinez, M.D. click on the link below.

Sound Healing – Biosonics


During a polarity session we have the option to work with tuning forks and singing bowls as well as making sounds ourselves with the help and leading of the therapist.

Sound healing
tuning forks
tuning forks
singing bowl
singing bowl
sound healing
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